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I do love pocket watches...dangling from my neck

I've always loved pocket watches because they're just so charming in a quaint, Victorian kind of way. Sadly, I have no clue about how to actually wear pocket watches and am mildly afraid of appearing obnoxious if I decide to start sporting a fob chain or a Double Albert chain. Fortunately, the DIYers at Etsy and the hipster designers at Urban Outfitters have thought of turning the watches into pendants for necklaces. I think Etsy offers a more varied, creative selection and singled out Fink Gifts for the shop's wide collection and affordability (prices range from $25ish to $50ish).

A few examples of the shop's goods, including Alice in Wonderland watches:

Fink Gifts also offers steam punked watches with exposed gears, which I think are pretty charming.

A backview of the watch shown above:

Ok, in case you do want to wear a pocket watch like a dapper old gentleman, you might want to check out this link. If you just want to be dapper, maybe check out my earlier post on Fine and Dandy.

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