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Lucky Wang

Caution: ridiculously cute kiddies' clothes ahead. I don't have a mini-me and am not planning to have one soon, but I still find Luck Wang clothes super adorable and very eye-catching.

The one kimono one pieces are probably the cutest. I think $36 is a little steep for something the wearer will inevitably poop in, but I assume Lucky Wang targets the kind of parents who can indulge. Besides, the cute little pieces would make wonderful keepsakes long after the kiddies have quickly outgrown them. They would be nice for gifting and special occasions, too.


I just wanna hold a bird in my hand

I saw this clutch on the White House Black Market website and I liked it. But, I wanted MORE feathers! I wanted to hold an entire ornate bird in my hand!

I had some time to kill, so I opened up Gimp and played around, making the design of the purse increasingly elaborate. Here's the result:

I wasn't entirely sure what feathers these would be (haha) and in the end, I don't know if they look very feather-like...but I just knew I wanted to sketch something ornate and Golden Age of Hollywoodesque. I'm fairly happy with the result; for once Gimp wasn't being a total bitch (it doesn't run well on Macs, and the version I have is definitely wonky). Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to a slightly larger picture. I'm still working on figuring out how to post larger sized pics on blogger.



Zip in, Zip out

Check out this awesome dress made by Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz:

Composed entirely of zippers, the dress may be altered in myriad ways, allowing the wearer to reveal as much skin as she wants (which I think is pretty damn sexy). I better stop myself from running to the first fabrics store I see and buying a heap of zippers. I want to make something similar, but I have a feeling that any diy attempts of mine would end in disaster. Even if I were to succeed, some naughty kid might unzip me in an embarrassing way in Starbucks or something. Has anyone got ideas for making a similar article that would not result in my feminine goodies becoming exposed?

Anyway...Errazuriz, who is currently based in New York, does not primarily work with fashion. Beside creating quirky furniture and urban installations, he also produces unclassifiable works of funky design. Check out his official website here and an extended article with an interview here.


Fashionable fetish

Don't ask me how I find these sites--I just randomly do. A little while ago, I happened upon Artifice Clothing , an online brand specializing in PVC fetish wear and other goodies. I'm not exactly a denizen of the pvc-wearing community, but I can tell the site has some amazing stuff. Despite some fairly well-known caveats about pvc (which are detailed here , the material remains a fetish favorite, and it's easy to see why. The clothes on Artifice Clothes are shiny, tight and pretty badass. Among my favorites are the strapped stockings which remind me of the shafts from Rodarte's strapped thigh high boots from Fall 2009:

The pvc stockings, featured below, would probably be a bitch to pull on, but I'm loving the pictures of them on the models. The woman in the purple wig looks straight out of some beautiful fetish nightmare, don't you think?

Besides the stockings, I also managed to find this gorgeous science fictionesque full length gown. I love how the model's rocking the shaved head and don't care for the pictures of her wearing a wig.

Another gorgeous gown, being modeled in two colors:

Oh, did I mention the site's functional "CYBERTECK" accessories? Not for the faint of heart, but for the truly devoted cyberpunk:

I'm wondering if I would be able to work some of the tamer items from the site into my daily wardrobe. I mean, thigh high boots are in, so why not wear some strapped pvc stockings over a pair of patent black boots and call it a night? Do you think that would be kickass or too much?


Have some whimsey on your feet

Anyone who knows me well is aware of my fondness for fairy tales. Maybe it's because I'm just a big kid, or because I'm secretly a romantic, but I definitely have a thing for revisiting old favorites like "East of the Sun, West of the Moon," a Norwegian take on Beauty and the Beast. That's why I was delighted when I stumbled upon Sur La Lune a few years ago. The site's a great resource for fairy tale connoisseurs; it features 49 annotated stories, including Grimm favorites like Cinderella, and showcases over 1,500 gorgeous illustrations. The annotations are very interesting to read because they provide a new outlook on old childhood tales. The little notes that Heidi Heiner, Sur la Lune's owner, makes range from psychoanalytic to explicative of historical background.

A few months ago, I was clicking around on her site and discovered Heiner's Zazzle page. She had the genius idea of putting some of the illustrations featured on her site on Ked sneakers (I'm not entirely sure about how she can legally do this, but I assume she knows what she's doing because she's clearly a smart lady). The result's a cute/whimsical collection of sneakers that are pretty eye-catching.

Some of my favorites with their source images below (click on the sneaker pics to see them in full):

Kay Nielsen's "Then He Carried her Home" from a series of illustrations for "The Lassie and the Grandmother"

Gustave Doré's "The Little Red Riding Hood"

Elenore Abbott's "Cinderella"

Arthur Rackham's "Old Woman in the Wood"

Would be a nice Christmas gift for your quirky sister/aunt/self, no?


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