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Fashionable fetish

Don't ask me how I find these sites--I just randomly do. A little while ago, I happened upon Artifice Clothing , an online brand specializing in PVC fetish wear and other goodies. I'm not exactly a denizen of the pvc-wearing community, but I can tell the site has some amazing stuff. Despite some fairly well-known caveats about pvc (which are detailed here , the material remains a fetish favorite, and it's easy to see why. The clothes on Artifice Clothes are shiny, tight and pretty badass. Among my favorites are the strapped stockings which remind me of the shafts from Rodarte's strapped thigh high boots from Fall 2009:

The pvc stockings, featured below, would probably be a bitch to pull on, but I'm loving the pictures of them on the models. The woman in the purple wig looks straight out of some beautiful fetish nightmare, don't you think?

Besides the stockings, I also managed to find this gorgeous science fictionesque full length gown. I love how the model's rocking the shaved head and don't care for the pictures of her wearing a wig.

Another gorgeous gown, being modeled in two colors:

Oh, did I mention the site's functional "CYBERTECK" accessories? Not for the faint of heart, but for the truly devoted cyberpunk:

I'm wondering if I would be able to work some of the tamer items from the site into my daily wardrobe. I mean, thigh high boots are in, so why not wear some strapped pvc stockings over a pair of patent black boots and call it a night? Do you think that would be kickass or too much?

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