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Technical difficulties

Sorry can't update--the GreatFirewall of China is giving me a lot of trouble! Trying to get access toBlogger ASAP!


Just keeping warm on a cold day

I have nothing against PETA's agenda, but I believe you have the right to do whatever you want to an animal if you killed it personally (after grappling with it). It's just a law of nature, and I arrived at this conclusion after watching BBC's Planet Earth. (click for bigger view)
All willingness to do serious fashion illustrations have flown out the window. Oh well.

On a more sober note: RIP Mr. McQueen. I am so sad this creative giant will never create again.


Apologies for recent lack of updates

Hi guys--so sorry for neglecting this space for a while. I've been running around taking care of things here and there, preparing for my trip to China. I'll start updating again as soon as I've got things settled (which will be in a couple of days, hopefully).



Give me yo clothes, bitch!

The wicked witch finally got some new shoes, but no dress to go with! OOPS! (click for bigger view)

Sorry, serious attempts at illustrating FASHION will come soon. Now, I'm just fucking around.


Some quick sketches

My stylus just rolls around on the wacom pad and I'm free as a bird. Sketches like these are not typically for show, but they do give me ideas for what finished illustrations I may work on next.


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