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Moving Back and Forth

I'm trying to figure out whether I should stay with Blogger or move to another platform. Blogger has some kinks I don't like, but so do other platforms. *Sigh*

I'll find a solution. See you with new posts in a few days! (I now have time to sketch, yay!)


HAIRsticks, not the eating utensils

For a brief period during my time in junior high, there was a "chopsticks" craze. Tween girls would purchase cheap, colorful plastic sticks with glued-on gems and stick them in their hair. I, too, was part of the wave until other kids started asking me if Chinese women really did put their main eating utensils into their hair. Annoyed, I stopped wearing my glittery sticks and waited for the trend to be over.

Almost a decade later, I'm thinking about the hair accessories again because, during a session of random browsing, I found several sites featuring HAIRSTICKS. Surprised, I clicked through, awed by the large selection, and saw some genuinely pretty items. I was also a little overwhelmed because each site had LOTS of items to click through.

Anyway, I settled on a favorite site, Long Locks, and the following images are from there.

Another nice site to browse through is Crystal Mood, which has an appealing selection of wood and jade hairsticks. This site's items tend to be less expensive than Long Lock's stuff, which seem to hover around $70. Screenshots of Crystal Mood below:

Think that this can be a trend again? Wouldn't they make a nice little holiday gift?


Just trying to get through academics...

What I did instead of writing my paper:

Had a fun time in Photoshop while using the pen tool. I think I'll rely more on vectors from now on. :)

Man, this week has been the pits--I have more caffeine in my blood than...blood! No sparkly vampire is going to want me! Unless...he's looking for an energy drink.

Oh god, I'm nuts--I really need to finish my papers and be done with this semester!

More drawings to follow soon, hopefully.


If you're into ascots and sock garters...

consider shopping at Fine and Dandy, an online store specializing in accessories for the modern dandy. Categories of goods include ascots, sock garters, handkerchiefs, money clips and...flasks. As far as I can see, everything, including leather portfolios from Paraguay, costs below $50. I don't know what it would mean, but the site also apparently stocks tartan scarves "authenticated by the Scottish Tartans Society."

Pictures from the shop's 2009 lookbook, marking the store's one year anniversary:

the dapper businessman.
the dapper intellectual.
paisley ascot, oh my
the dapper hitman.
the dapper hillbilly--I joke, I joke! this is my favorite picture, actually.

More info can be found on the shop's blog.


A resource on spotting fake designer items

A screenshot of Fake Hunter, a blog serving as "a guide to authenticating designer clothing, shoes and accessories online."

As far as I can tell, the blog's author is no longer posting (the last update was in July 2008). Still, the archive of posts and brand specific guidelines might provide some useful information for anyone looking for designer goods through sources like ebay.


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