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Zip in, Zip out

Check out this awesome dress made by Chilean designer Sebastian Errazuriz:

Composed entirely of zippers, the dress may be altered in myriad ways, allowing the wearer to reveal as much skin as she wants (which I think is pretty damn sexy). I better stop myself from running to the first fabrics store I see and buying a heap of zippers. I want to make something similar, but I have a feeling that any diy attempts of mine would end in disaster. Even if I were to succeed, some naughty kid might unzip me in an embarrassing way in Starbucks or something. Has anyone got ideas for making a similar article that would not result in my feminine goodies becoming exposed?

Anyway...Errazuriz, who is currently based in New York, does not primarily work with fashion. Beside creating quirky furniture and urban installations, he also produces unclassifiable works of funky design. Check out his official website here and an extended article with an interview here.

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