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First finished illustration of 2010...

I've been lusting after thigh high boots for a while, but this is one trend I will just have to let pass. Those tall shafts tend to come with HIGH heels, and my wonky left ankle cries just at the sight of those four inch stilettos. Unfortunately, thigh highs with flat bottoms are just not my thing (they make me look like a stumpy troll).

So, I do what I always do. Make something I can't have mine by drawing it. (*SIGH*) And, here's the result:

A larger view is available here.

I love my black boots, but would love to see a few pairs that explode with color. This especially applies during winter, the time when New Yorkers are covered with black pea coats, black leggings and black boots. I love walking through the blend, murky pedestrian crowd during winter time and catching a bright spot of red or blue.

Close-ups of the textures I made using Gimp's "Galaxy" brush tool:

I liked the way that this piece turned out, but my hate for GIMP has solidified into a black hunk of stone wedged in my heart. As a gift to myself, I will make use of my student discount privilege and buy a damned copy of Adobe Creative Standard. I look forward to not having to deal with the Gimp's wonky kinks on my computer.

(On the other hand, maybe I shouldn't dump the Gimp just yet. My doctor informed me my blood pressure is on the lower end of normal, but the frustration of having to click the erase button ten times before seeing a difference has probably raised my blood pressure just a little.)

Anyway...happy 2010, peeps. :)

Nancy –   – (January 5, 2010 at 5:12 PM)  

Love your coloring, this is really pretty ^_^

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