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Photoshop + Illustrator = deep-fried sex

Today, I checked the mail and heard angels singing as I opened my package. My student version of Adobe Creative Suite had arrived, and I immediately passed out from excitement. After waking up and laughing maniacally and pointing at the Gimp's icon on my desktop (a cartoon dog head), I popped in the Adobe installation disk. Never before have I felt more bliss while waiting for the download progress bar to reach 100%. In approximately fifteen minutes, the bar climaxed, spewing its digital glory into my hard drive (and my goodness, such a big load--6 gigabytes worth).

Not losing any time, I fired up Illustrator and Photoshop and produced the following:

I took my inspiration from a character design from Bioshock 2, a horror videogame. I don't play videogames at all but can spend hours drooling at the character designs, and it's natural for me to start getting ideas.

An image of the "Big Sister," the chief antagonist of Bioshock 2.

Why yes, my illustration looking nothing like the inspirational source! I'm going to tell myself that's OK and try to move on.

Of course, this drawing took me half the time I would have spent in the Gimp. I want to cleanse my computer forever of that stupid grinning dog head thingie, but sadly, many of my images can only open in the Gimp.

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